Top 5things Every CEO’s want from their Office Space


When it comes to the corporate world, the CEO’s office is something that requires careful planning and maximum attention. Top executives of companies need a presentable space that’s comfortable and one that can support their specific working style and business needs. Similarly, it should bring out a good impression on potential business partners. With this in mind what are the key points you should keep in mind when securing a new office space for their corporate headquarters.

A proper Positive Image of the Company

The office should reflect a positive image of the company to investors, clients, partners and employees. The office should be well branded to reflect the company’s value and act as an external expression of what drives the business. This can be done by simply using the company’s scheme or logo. Maybe you could fine tune the furniture to match with company colours, or you could decorate it with a wall art that reflects the company’s culture. If your company values simplicity, you could decorate the office with minimalist style, but if it values fun and vibrancy, you can opt for colourful and playful furniture.


Various factors have to be considered when choosing the right location for your office. However, you need to consider what’s best for the business, as well as the workers morale. Is the office located in a suitable area? Is it accessible to your clients? Does the area suit the company’s image? How easy is it for the employees to get to and from work? If the answer to these questions is, then you are in the perfect location.

Facilities Included

Clients and employees need a good working environment. Is there ample parking space around the office? Is the light in the office nought? Are there transport facilities in the area? Is there enough security in the area? These and many more questions should be put into consideration when putting up an office.

The Right Amount Of Space And Design

Calculating the right amount of space for the company’s office is important. If you lease too much of space, you will be out of pocket. Lease too little, and its will be uncomfortable and you are set for another expensive move. Getting it right is the main thing. The office should be designed to enhance collaboration and enhance operational efficiency. If your business is changing in fit sand starts, then think of the flexible leases, co-working spaces or an office with modular spaces.

Be Impressive, Yet Cost Effective

Consider the layout of your office. Funky open plan offices, standard office cubicles or hot-desks? You are spoilt for choices, but certain considerations will shape the outcome. Is there enough space for all thee equipment needed or infrastructure? Will your furniture it? Are the kitchens and toilets enough? How many permanent employees will you have?

Well, all these need to be put into consideration. The layout can affect the functions of an office. Don’t forget to include any improvements, maintenance and fit out as you choose your office space.

There you have it. All the things you have had in mind when designing your office.

Posted on January 5, 2016 in Blog

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