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Tips on negotiating your build-out allowance

In Atlanta, tenant improvements refer to a fixed amount of money specifically designated by the landlord to improve the tenant’s space. Occasionally, this money can be spent on other things such as furniture, fixtures, equipment or possibly additional free rent. Most Landlords, however, prefer that the money being offered as a tenant improvement allowance be spent on the actual space in which you will move.

The Eight Mistakes Tenants Make When Leasing Office Space

Everyone makes mistakes – Hey, we all make mistakes – BUT – when it comes to leasing office space for your business, mistakes equal dollars – sometimes big dollars. Here are the eight most common mistakes tenants make when renting office space, as well as an insider’s take on how to avoid making them.

Office Space Leasing FAQ’s

What Does “Plug and Play” Mean?

A “Plug and Play” space is an office that includes furniture, and wiring. It is very important for you to define with the landlord upfront about what items will be included because some landlords may leave some items out of the lease.

Need Help?

Navigating an office space move, or effectively negotiating a lease renewal are complicated situations. Your Atlanta Office Search team is available to answer your questions whenever they arise!
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