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Providing up to date office space availability data in all of Atlanta’s submarkets!

Want to save thousands when you renew your office space lease or when
you relocate to a new building?

  • Curious what is available in the builidngs surrounding you, or in a different area of town?
  • How much do other buildings charge for rent?
  • Know how much rates have risen or decreased since you last signed a lease.
  • How much free rent should I expect?
  • our Landlord treating you like they would a new prospective tenant?
  • Make a calculated decision based on TODAY’S market!
Knowing what your options are is crucial when you enter the last year of your lease term. We provide the market data to you absolutely free, and help you get the absolute best terms whether you relocate your office, or renew in your current facility.
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Need Help?

Navigating an office space move, or effectively negotiating a lease renewal are complicated situations. Your Atlanta Office Search team is available to answer your questions whenever they arise!
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