To Renew or To Relocate


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To Renew or To Relocate

FREE: The definitive guide to Renewing or Relocating

    What is the RIGHT Decision for Your Company?

    Relocating an office, or renewing an office lease tends to be the thorn in just about every office
    manager’s side. Download this FREE eBook to help guide your path!

    What you will learn..

    8 Key Questions That Need To Be Answered

    The market has changed since you last signed a lease! We give you 8 crucial questions that need to be answered prior to making any office space decision

    8 Understanding The Variables

    Certain variables impact your company long term. You need to define these, and weigh them into your lease commitment.

    Square Footage

    Annual Rental Rate X Square Footage = Annual Rent. Since square footage is a key determinant in your annual rent, defining your exact need is a necessity!

    Creating Leverage

    How to seek out and find competitive pricing to your renewal proposal. Knowing what concessions are available to new tenants in your market is the first step in negotiating your renewal

    Make A Calculated Decision

    Understand how market conditions impact office space leasing, and leverage market data in your negotiations

    Lower Your Occupancy Costs

    Whether you renew or relocate, we coach you through the process of determining the best solution for your company!

    Your landlord will lower your rental rate and give you market concessions when you renew your lease because they like you and you have been a good tenant…

    WRONG !

    Our approach to renewing a lease is very calculated. It starts by assessing all of the variables that lead to getting the absolute best terms, and making the right decision for your company!

    I hope this ebook helps you to design a winning strategy for your company!

    Need Help?

    Navigating an office space move, or effectively negotiating a lease renewal are complicated situations. Your Atlanta Office Search team is available to answer your questions whenever they arise!
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